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Toroni Beach Greece

Imagine a little, quiet village in Greece with a beautiful, sandy beach, a couple of taverns and the most beautiful sunset. This kind of place exists in Sithonia. It’s called Toroni.

You will often hear from people who have visited Toroni, that the village doesn’t have to offer a lot. On the other hand, they would like to spend their vacation there again. That’s exactly what happened to me and my family.

Toroni Greece

Why we have chosen Toroni to spent 2 summer holidays there?

Before we reserved our first holiday in Toroni, we had had the prejudice that there was nothing interesting enough there and that it might be bored. And the truth is that there is nothing special, but it still has its own charm.

We returned to Toroni the following summer. Moreover, we chose the same accommodation. If I add to this, that we do not like to stay in the same place, because Greece has so much to offer, then you understand that Toroni has thrilled us completely.

Toroni accomodation

What we liked most from the very beginning is the villa we were accommodated in. It is Tsitsirikos studios and apartments. With only 2 minutes away from the beach the villa has a great position. It offers for their guests sunbeds and umbrellas for free.
We trailed the path with flowers and went out on a wide, sandy beach. We opened the umbrella the same afternoon and sat in the comfortable chairs. The children rushed into the water and did not go out the next four hours. For the first time, I could relax sitting on the shore and reading a book. The children were cheerfully running towards and out of the water, playing with sand.
The sand has ideal size and shape. The size resembles pepper grains and don’t glue to your body. The lifelong enjoyment is just to drag it through your fingers while listening to the waves spreading over each other.

Toroni Beach

Where is the best to find accommodation?

In this part of the beach there is an organized area with deckchairs that belong to hotel Allea , which is across our villa. But right after that, is a huge sandy space that goes right up to the right end of the beach in Toroni and it is free for your mobile supplies.

Toroni Beach Sithonia

The path to the beach leads right in front of the beautiful Panagiota Studios, which has a huge shade and is ideal for the carefree play of children throughout the day. That’s why it is usually chosen by parents with small children. This complex continues on Georgiadis studios with a swimming pool and a nice grassy yard. The owner is a bit tougher, he takes care of the yard and house rules. Every day before going to the afternoon nap, we came here to take ice creams and to swim in their pool.

Toroni Allea Studios

In the vicinity of Villa Tsitsirikos there is a small Smile store where you will find bakery products and everything you need from fruits and vegetables. Even beach requisites. When it was warmest, we spent time on the terrace of the villa, which is in the shade and in a well-arranged yard.

Toroni apartments and studios

Slow walks by the sea

In the evening we went for a walk. There is a promenade along the beach, which leads along the first taverns and gyros stores. There is also a playground for children on the sand. The largest market in Toroni, with an exceptional selection of fruits and vegetables, is just over the street. In a wooden house, a little further away you can buy honey from pine needles, which is extremely healthy for bronchi.
If you continue your walk, you will cross the tiny bridge and enter the older part of Toroni.

Toroni Greece - Toroni Beach

There are several shops, restaurants, cafes. The beach is more organized. Practically the gardens of beach bars are settled next to each another. And all the way to the Akti Toroni Hotel, where we occasionally went because of the great wi-fi on the beach. We also wanted to see Toroni from another angle.

Toroni_ Toroni hotels

If you continue the route you can reach the part leading to the old fortress at the top. Here everyday boats from Pefkohori and Neos Marmaras come. Before you reach Neos Marmaras there are two hypermarkets Ekonomi and Masutis. The beach in this area is more rocky than sandy.

What can you visit while you’re staying in Toroni?

Since you are already in Sithonia, I suggest you to visit the beaches Lagomandra and Kalogria on the way to Nikiti. Lagomandra Beach is proud of its vast natural shade and beautiful sea colour. You can read more about Kalogria Beach on the following link:

Toroni Greece

Or take the other side of Sithonia to Sarti and explore the amazing beaches Kalamitsi or Klimataria, which we visited several times during the stay in Toroni.

All in all, Toroni has something of its own, authentic, unremarkable with mass tourism. It has its peace, beautiful sunsets, and indeed in the peak of the season, there is no crowd on the beach.  It’s made for peaceful and relaxed holiday. If you are looking for a calm vacation, you should not hesitate. Toroni is definitely what you need.

Toroni Sunset Greece

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