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Sarti Greece

Today I will proceed the story of the unique beauty of Greece. Explore Sarti!
Sarti is an extremely popular and vibrant place on the east coast of Sithonia. At the same time, it is also a kind of symbol of Sithonia, apart from Neos Marmaras.
Once a fishing village, it has recently become the most attractive destination for vacation in Chalkidiki. It is famous for its very long beach and magnificent view of Athos, the highest peak of the Holy Mountain.

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Why Sarti?

Fifteen years ago, the tourists discovered Sarti as a great starting point for visiting beautiful beaches and bays along the Sithonia. Only 3 kilometres from Sarti is the Platanitsi camp, where the color of the sea resembles the Caribbean. In ten minutes you will reach the fabulous Orange beach (Portokali Beach), which is especially visited by parents with children and campers. In the green pine forest you will find colorful tents and hammocks between two trees. The long shallows, the transparent turquoise sea and the cypresses in the background make this beach the most beautiful one on Sithonia.

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If you are curious enough, just rent a scooter or car and find the beaches of magical nuances, hidden and torn between the greenery of the pine forest.
What you will discover and see will remain your unforgettable experience.

Sarti is 140 km away from Thessaloniki. An organized, sandy 3 kilometres long beach provides everything you want: a gradual entry into the water, summer sports, beach bars, deck chairs, taverns near beach. A separate cove at the left side of the beach is especially interesting, if you need some peace. Furthermore Sarti Beach is so spacious that it’s almost impossible for you to be surrounded by too many people. Often tourist from Sarti go to the other beaches on Sithonia. That’s the opportunity to find a separate piece of sea just for yourself.

Sithonia Sarti Beach

Due to daily wind waves, colorful sailboats are a frequent sight. When the wind settles, you will see tourists rowing in canoes and boats and fishermen at docks.

Vivid colors of details

The locals made a special effort to make these village picturesque. At each step you will be able to meet colorful details decorated with Greek style. There are pharmacies, bakers, restaurants, doctors and shops with the most interesting jewelry I’ve ever seen. You can buy very delicious giros at a few spots in the main pedestrian street. The garden of the cafes and the whole old part is full of flowers and greenery.

3 beaches

Sarti is divided into old Sarti, the new Sarti and Sarti Beach. The Old Sarti is part of the village immediately at the entrance when you come from the direction of Vourvourou. There is a church on the hill, a small square with a fountain(which is not in function anymore), workshops, taverns, souvenir shops. From the houses in this part there is an amazing view of the sea shore and the Holy Mountain.

Along the coast there is a promenade. The gardens of restaurants and beach bars works late into the night during the season. At the end of the promenade there is a children’s playground and at the very end a huge parking place.

The new Sarti continues to the old part and has no clearer boundaries, except that there aren’t many shops, bakeries, restaurants. Villas with studios and apartments are of a recent date. It’s quieter. The beach is less organized and if you need something in a few minutes walk you will find the first shops.

Sarti beach continues on the new Sarti. It is a part with new villas and sandy beaches with a long, long shallow, ideal for families with babies and small children.

It’s time for exploring Sithonia

From Sarti almost every day there are organized tours that goes around the Holy Mountain as well as other interesting beaches. Some of the trips are organized by travel agencies. The average price of a ticket is 25e and for children you will pay half of the price. On the boat you can order lunch and drinks. Along with traditional Greek music, the good party is almost guaranteed. The most interesting tour is Robinson. They offer swimming in three places with different colors of sea.

When it’s windy and blowing from the sea, I recommend you to visit the coves nearby. Take the ride and enjoy the beaches in the vicinity of Sikya – Limanaki, Pigadaki and Tourkolimnionas. At the very end of the winding road you will reach the queen and the most beautiful beach of this part of Sithonia, Klimataria. Soon I will write more about this amazing beach.

You will not make mistake even if you head towards Vourvourou and visit the adorable blue sea and white sand beaches: Platanitsi, Orange Beach, Armenistis camp and finally Karidi beach at Vourvourou.

It was perfectly pleasant for me to go to Kalamitsi for the morning coffee. In this beach you will see fish swimming in the shallow water. That speaks enough about cleanliness and calmness of sea in the early hours.


Who dreams of the endless turquoise sea and white sand, let come to Sarti and then begin to explore Sithonia for his own paradise. It is definitely on Sithonia!

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