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Kalamitsi Sithonia Greece

The next destination I will write about is a quiet place with a superb beach, pleasant ambiance and friendly people. It’s Kalamitsi , a place for a perfect holiday without noise and crowds. However, in the peak season all beach bars are known to be full. It is located in the south of peninsula of Sithonia, 15 kilometers from Sarti to Porto Koufo.

Kalamitsi Sithonia

Enjoy with all senses…

Kalamitsi is popular primarily due to its long and sandy beach, but also because of the one of the diving centers in Sithonia. The place is ideal for families with small children who want peaceful holiday and for the older population. On the beach, there are several beach bars with exceptionally good music. Near the beach, several taverns offer Greek specialties. I can recommend you to visit this place in June or September when the crowd is slightly reduced. That’s the way to experience it with all senses.

Kalamitsi Sithonia

In Kalamitsi, there is a campsite with the same name. If you prefer the top campsites, then you must visit the next bay with the same beach – Thalatta camp. This camp holds category A and it is the best camping place I have ever visited in Greece. Various content will fulfill all your expectations. Outdoor swimming pools, volleyball courts, tennis court, creative workshops for children, theater performances, dancing lessons, concerts and movie projections and even more activities offers the awesome Thalatta Camp.

Kalamitsi Sithonia

Where to stay?

Every house in Kalamitsi is close to the beach so you need a few minutes walk and you will be under the umbrella. The sea is incredibly clear and shallow so that all the folds on the bottom are visible. Small sand offers a huge number of ideas for little ones. With nets for fishing, you can easily catch the little fishes.

On the link below there’s a recommendation for accommodation in Kalamitsi:

In the village, there is a small shop with a great choice for everyday needs. For larger purchases, you can quickly reach the village of Sykia or Sarti. There you will find the several markets and fine bakeries. Near Neos Marmaras there is a mega market Masoutis with a great deal of price and supply.

This is my favorite beach for drinking the first morning coffee. The sea is completely peaceful and straight with crystal water that completes my perfect morning.

In the afternoon, the waves attract the tourist attention. You can immediately jump into the sea or drive to the nearby beaches with a calmer sea. Everything is at your fingertips. Three bays of Sykia is definitely good choice, especially the awesome Klimataria beach.

Do not miss the morning sun with the sounds of bosa nova on the beach Kalamitsi. 

Kalamitsi Sithonia

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