Pelion – Hotel Platanias

Pelion Hotel Platanias

The small Hotel Platanias on the south of the peninsula Pelion was our host for the two nights we spent there.

The journey from Volos to the village of Platanias lasted about two hours. The road is as interesting as part of it goes along the sea, so you have the feeling that you are in a mediteranian movie. The second part of the road wanders through the hills with traditional rural houses.

Room with a view

In the late afternoon we arrived in the small village of Platanias. We walked along the coast and found a modest but clean room in the hotel with the same name.

Hotels Pelion

The room was on the first floor and had a sea view. All the fatigue disappeared when we stumbled into the chairs and gazed at the boats and ships that were swinging carelessly in the bay.

Just a few meters in front of the hotel is a dock, where the anchored boats were waiting for a new sailing. Some fishermen were sewing the nets, and some offered freshly sea fish and seafood.

Below the terraces there is a small restaurant where they mainly offer specialties from sea.
After walking through the village, we chose a table next to the edge of the sea, ready for dinner. The kind host hosted us half a liter of red wine.

We had time even to jump into teh water and swim. The beach was narrow, mostly pebbly. It’s not for recommendation, but there are plenty of good beaches on Pelion. I ma sure you can find your own corner for relaxing with the sound of the waves.
From the dock in front of the hotel, you can buy ticketis for the ships which drive to the neighboring islands of Skiathos and Evia. There are opportunities to take a ride and see something new. The capital city of Skiathos is beautiful and must be visited. In another post, there will be more about this charming island.

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