Pelion Beaches

When you head towards Athens, on a half-way you will encounter the beautiful peninsula Pelion . There is just over 800 km from Belgrade to Volos, the important city of this part of Greece. If you are eager for adventure and unexplored then it will be exiting trip for you. Here you will find a lot of hidden bays waiting to be discovered as well as antique houses scattered over the mountains of Pelion .

Pelion – the mix of traditional Greek houses and pine wood

Pelion is characterized by traditional Greek villages, pine forests and greenish crystal waters. Another feauture are beaches with clad stones. The name derives from the mountain Pelion whose massifs stretch along central Greece.
My choice for exploring Pelion was tucked away village Platanias. It was named after the platinum trees which are abundant here.

We arrived in late afternoon and found a two-bed room in the Hotel Platanias. The room wasn’t specious but had a great sea view. Nothing matters when you have a room with a view.

It is a small fishing village in the south of the peninsula. Here you can enjoy a local tavern on the seafront and a view of fishermen who were sewing their nets. Futhermore, there is a little harbor for boats that sail to neighboring islands, Skiathos and Evia. It is 60 kilometers away from Volos.

Platanais has one small grocery shop and a couple of taverns. Sitting in their gardens near the sea give you a complete pleasure. In the season, boats sail towards Skiathos and back. If you extend your hand, this magical island you can put in the palm of your hand.

Although not so big, the village breathes with warmth and unique ornaments. Stone houses give a special charm to this seaside village. Details in the form of floral arrangements or decoration emphasize their beauty.

Most houses are close to the shore. If you looking for the complete peace and terraces overlooking the sea, here you will find them easily. The beach is not large and is located in the right part of the city. It’s not organized so you must take your umbrella with you.

Hidden bay – Katigiorgis beach

The beach that delighted me completely is just a few miles away. It is Katigiorgis beach. A beautiful little sand of different colors is something I wear as a souvenir from this beach. It is ideal for reading a book with the sound of waves. Most beach guests were from the Scandinavian countries. Several taverns and souvenir shops and a couple of houses for accommodation is all that this place offers.


Finally, I must mention the main harbor of this area, Volos. When you are on Pelion you should visit this modern place where wealthy Athenians have houses. From here, ships drive to all the larger islands. At the harbor you can relax in a wide and well-organized park. When we arrived the wedding was in the church in the harbor. It was cheerful and nice.

If you want to experience a different Greece and spend your vacation in a relaxed atmosphere then your choice should be Pelion.  Tourists especially like Cala Nera and traditionally peaceful village Chorto and Milina. From old mountains to the open sea, there are several magnificent beaches with beautiful colors of the sea and white sand in the water and pebbles on the coast.

I suggest you to find time to explore this part of Greece. You won’t regret it.

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