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If you like an active vacation, a little cooler sea, magnificent beaches and great photos – all this you will find in Parga.

Parga – the most picturesque village of the Ionian coast

In this blog you will be able to find out:

  • why Parga is the most beautiful village in the Ionian coast
  • what you can do during your stay
  • why to travel on one-day trip to Lefkada
  • which beaches surround Parga and why you should visit them
  • where to walk in the evening

This time we have moved from Aegean to the Ionian Sea and picturesque village of Venetian architecture Parga. When you see the playful and magnificent facade of Parga, you will forget that it is located just over 900km from Belgrade. Thanks to the new highway leading to Corfu, this mileage should not be a load. As soon as you go to your first walk after a long journey, you will fall in love with the cascading houses of cheerful and bright tones. Additional charm give the light of incandescent lamps from the surrounding hills.

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If you come in mid-August, you can expect a crowd. Most Italians and Greeks spent their holiday here. We arrived on the 15th of August so we were greeted by a festivity by the sea and fireworks. On that day the locals celebrate the patron saint of the city, Pargin. The little church located on the island’s across is just dedicated to the Virgin (Panagia).

What’s important to note is that cold underwater currents are inevitable in Parga in certain parts of the year. An additional reason for the cooler sea is the Acheron River. Water in the river is so icy, but the her beauty offers a unique experience for tourists. It is therefore included in the obligatory tourist offer of Parga.


What to visit while you are in Parga?

Parga’s advantage is an excellent position and connection with the surrounding islands which offer an unforgettable sea color and beaches. Some of them are trademarks of Greece. Every day, you will find the organized tours by boats to Corfu, Lefkada and Kefalonia. Another thing that must not be missed are the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. The unreal beauty of the sea and the lovely countryside of these islands will give you a feeling of a traditional Greece.

Every trip is exceptional and I’m sure it will be part of your vacation. Prices for boat trips vary from different travel organizers and the distance of travelling. Tickets for the boat range from 25-35e, and you an negotiate about the price of a children’s ticket.


Leave one day for visiting Lefkada…

If you arrive by car, take one day for visiting the island Lefkada. It takes about an hour and a half to the most famous beaches. Through the mobile bridge, we arrived in the capital of the island, Lefkas. Take the west coast and enjoy the beaches: Milos, Kathisma, Egremni, and for many the most beautiful and furthest one, Porto Katsiki.

Even if it’s the cloudy weather, the colors of the sea are amazing. Intensely turquoise blue, with white sand emphasizes their beauty. The sea was, to my surprise, a bit warmer than in Parga. We have chosen Kathisma for that day and enjoyed the incredible blue sea. When the sun was at it’s highest point, we have rested in the café garden with pool. Here we also had light meals offered by Copla Beach Bar . The children got nap and we just relaxed in the shadows of big trees.


Which beaches you have to visit while you are in Parga?

One of the most beautiful bays in the vicinity of Parga is the one wit Lichhnos beach. It is 4 km from Parga. This beach should be visited due to the extremely clean sea, the sand that is large enough not to stick to your body, and the pine forest that descends right by the sea. The approach of the beach is a little steep and it knows to be very difficult to pass when you come back from the beach. The water is a little colder than in Parga. Still I recommend that you reserve at least one day of your holiday for Lichnos beach. On the beach there is an attractive complex Lichnos Beach Hotel and Suite . Furthermore, who likes camping, there is the Lichnos camp in the forest above the beach.


Another beach of unique green-blue color of the sea and fine sand should not be missed. It’s Sarakiniko Beach. It is about 10km away from Parga. Here you will find umbrellas and deck chairs that are charged with ordering drinks. In the morning the beach is most beautiful when there is still no crowd. On the beach there is a small white gravel and the water very tiny sand.

Valtos beach

The next beach I visited was the fantastic Valtos beach. It is located across the hill that separates Parga into two parts. The huge, sandy, beautiful beach Valtos in the high of the season knows is be very crowded. So keep that in mind when you go there and you need a parking space. It’s best to get up early and then you will not have that kind of problems. The beach is supported with a variety of amenities.


The color of the sea is incredibly blue and the scene is adorned by sailing boats that swing slightly away from the shore.

Here’s the Tango Beach Bar with a pool where you can rest and refresh yourself during the day. The cafe also has an outdoor playground for children and a restaurant. If you have reached by foot of this beach over the hill with the fortress and get tired, you can return to the center of Parga by taxi boat. The price of the ticket is 2 euros.


Piso Krioneri and Krioneri beach

Parga has two city beaches. One is a smaller bay on the southern side of the town – Piso Krioneri beach and the other is the main city beach – Krioneri. Piso Krioneri is more intimate. There are not many tourists on it, and the sun because of the surrounding rocks sunset very early. To get to this beach, you have to go through the hall of Achilleas Hotel. From there you can climb up the stairs to the beautiful Atrium café. From their garden you can enjoy the magnificent views of the harbor and the island with a small church, which is the symbol of Parga.



In the center there is a city beach Krioneri. Mostly visited by tourists who are rented apartments nearby or did not come by car. Here the water is warm and the sand is just right. The most beautiful thing about it is that the islet that you can swim through it. Sunbeds and the umbrella are charged independently of consumption. A set of two sun loungers and a parasol cost 8 euros.



Evening walk

Parga offers a lot of contents and entertainment for all ages. In the early evening, I propose a walk through paved stairs full of local shops until you reach the summit where the fortress is. You will see Parga the palm of your hand: the multicolored cottages, skillfully arranged next to each other, the boats that are rocking, the green forests scattered across the bay, and tourists who are enjoying in it’s beauty.


Below the fortress there is a huge paved plateau for the carefree play of your little ones. You can watch them from the surrounding gardens of taverns and cafes. In addition, access of car is prohibited throughout the central part of the Parga. Small parking is at the entrance to the walking area and is charged.



After walking uphill with narrow streets I suggest you take a break in the cafe Kastro with a magnificent view of Parga and the entire bay. It has a special note in the evening hours. Go upstairs and find yourself a comfortable chair for drinking a wine. Don’t miss the restaurant with the best view in Parga.



In conclusion, I want to add that we had an excellent accommodation 900m from the sea. I’ll write about the villa on another blog post. Though a little further, swayed into the greenery and the flowers the villa Olive tree has given us a complete peace and restful atmosphere at each moment of our holiday.


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