5 things you didn’t know about Bergen

Norway Bergen Bryggen Norge

In this travelogue, you will find out:

  • why Bergen is called “The gate of fjords”
  • which composer has celebrated Bergen
  • which part of the city is the most attractive

Bergen Norway

A spring walk through Bergen is something you won’t forget. No one could resist the picturesque town on the west coast of Norway. Bergen is a huge port where cruisers and ships from all around the world sailed in. That is why it is called “the gate of fjords”. From here, you can sail and visit the spectacular fjords of Norway: Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord.

We have started our journey from a small town in Hardanger region. After the ferryboat ride, we have arrived at the former capital of Norway, Bergen.

Bergen Norway

Let’s explore Bergen

We have had the incredible luck that the day was sunny. In Bergen, rain or snow is falling an average 260 days a year. Therefore, make sure to bring in a backpack raincoat or an umbrella every time you go out. We have passed by the small lake with a fountain near the city center. The modern designed building reminded me why I adore the Scandinavian style.

Bergen Norway

By the lake, there is a city park where the statue of composer Edvard Grieg is. A large lawn surrounds the statue. Young people enjoy lying down while the children are playing. Nearby there is the summer stage for outdoor concerts.

Bergen Norway -Edvard Grieg-Park

Behind the picturesque garden, we have noticed the building of the National Theater. A little further, we have reached the fountain with the monument of Ole Bull, the Norwegian most famous violinist. In early May fountain has not worked so the kids were using it for skipping on the stones and climbing.

Norway Bergen Bypark Concert

We have continued our walk uphill on cobbled streets until we reached a nice bakery for relaxing. After refreshing ourselves with their berry cakes and cup of coffee we were ready for more exploring. At the entrance, we have noticed the notification that the place is highly rated by the Trip Advisor.
It is a bakery and restaurant Godt Brød.

Scandinavian sense for the interior is unique so that we enjoyed with all senses. People are extremely relaxed. They were sitting and chatting while the children were running around. You can feel the calmness of the city. Furthermore, so many young couples were riding the baby trolleys.

Bergen Godt Brød Bakery

Bergen Bryggen

After the break, we have headed towards the harbor. There the recognizable image form Bergen’s postcards were waiting for us. The most attractive part of the city is Bergen Bryggen. Beautiful and colorful houses were dotted next to each other. This part of town is under the protection of UNESCO. You can imagine how Bergen had looked when it was a major seaport and commercial center of this part of the world. Vivid colored wooden houses are extremely awesome. In this part of the city, you can buy souvenirs, books, postcards and the stunning artistic ornaments.

Bergen Bryggen Norway

Bergen Houses

Fires destroyed the Bergen Bryggen several times but the locals did everything to make it come alive again. The harbor moored yachts and ships. These luxury and antiquity of town merged into one authentic image. Prices are extremely high for our standards. There is also the fish market where you can find a variety of fresh sea fish that the sellers can prepare for you immediately. The narrow streets are full of shops with traditional motifs and handcrafts.

Bergen Port

After continuous shooting with camera, we have left the port and headed to the hill above Bergen, Fløyen. You can easily climb to the top by Fløibanen funicular. Prices and more information about the ride you can find Here.

Another way is to follow the path that leads through the little forest.

Norway Bergen Fløibanen

Bergen on the palm of my hand

Since we love to hike, we have decided to use this incredible day to walk to the top. There is a large playground for children, the restaurant and a house with souvenirs. The most magnificent is the vantage point from where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city and bay. Bergen on the palm of hand leaves me breathless.

Bergen Norway

Norway Bergen

Norway Bergen-Mount Fløyen

Beautifully decorated houses make this sight an irresistible image. From the top, we could see the surrounding hills and terraced wooden houses, port with cruise ships, central lake with a fountain. Seven mountains surrounded Bergen. Consequently, it is no wonder that the climate is changing so often in one day.

Norway Bergen Fløyen Norway

Norway Bergen Norway City view

After enjoying the sun on the large terrace on the hill Fløyen, we have descended towards the city center. The colorful houses and narrow streets of the old Bergen display their unique style in front of me. They were so beautiful. Each one I would like to photograph. Everywhere I would like to go deep down. Most of all I was delighted with dark blue roofs. Just imagine that.

Norway Bergen Norway Streets

Norway Bergen

Completely fascinated and tired, we are returning to Bryggen to enjoy a little more of its beauty. Then slowly went to our car, and back to the base, the city of a cheerful color, Odda. In another post, there will be more about that charming place.

Bergen Norway Norge

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