Dobrota – a small & quiet village in Montenegro

When I am speaking about summer holidays, they are mostly oriented to time I have spent in Greece. However, today I’ll share with you my wonderful experience from Bay of Kotor. I have spent ten days of September in a quiet and nice village of Dobrota. This is actually a suburb of the most beautiful city of Montenegro, Kotor.

Dobrota Montenegro Kotor

What had left the strongest impression on me was the peaceful atmosphere of this place. The image of little boats which were slowly swaying in front of each house. The overhanging limestone cliffs of Orijen and Lovcen paint the impressive portrait of the Mediterranean landscape.  Sea view from the balcony along with huge cruisers which gently navigate the bay give a special note to Dobrota.

Dobrota Kotor Montenegro Crna Gora

Dobrota..the hidden gem of Adriatic coast

The best thing about Dobrota is that there is no crowd at all. The most beautiful are morning or evening walks by the sea. You can walk to the end of the place where begins the road towards Ljuta. There is a fish market where you can buy fresh fish or seafood. If you have luck, you can hack a few fishes from the sea by yourself.

Dobrota Montenegro Kotor

dobrota boka kotorska montenegro

Slowly walk towards Kotor

Moreover, if you like walking only 3 kilometers away, you will find Kotor, with its irresistible charm.
No one stay indifferent with the beauty of the old city. Most of the tourists are planning to visit the extraordinary city of Venetian architecture at least once during the holiday season. Green Venetian blinds and stone houses preserve ancient secrecy and memories of the Medieval times. My special interest went to Romanesque church and Maritime Museum.

Dobrota Kotor

Above the city there is a huge mountain peak, so if you like hiking, this is an opportunity to take photos of a fantastic bay and the walls of the old town. Kotor is full of cafes, restaurants and shops. Near the Catholic Church there is an Orthodox church dedicated to the patron of sailors and travelers – St. Nicholas. More about this unique city will be in some future post.

Dobrota Kotor Montenegro

Now, let me go back to Dobrota. Almost every house has a sea view and its own docks. This way you guaranteed yourself your own part of the sea and enjoyment from the sunrise to the awesome sunsets.

Dobrota Crna Gora Montenegro


Luxurious hotel with Mediterranean charm

Somewhere in the middle of the village there is a hotel with an excellent restaurant Forza Mare Hotel. It consist of five luxury apartments with names of Africa, Japan, China, India and Dubai. The food is delicious, the prices are reasonable. Morning coffee on their terrace will remain forever in your memory. I have to recommend a magical soufflé in the evening hours.

Dobrota Montenegro Kotor Crna Gora

Dobrota Forza Mare Montenegro

Calm and quiet surroundings…

The sea is calm from springtime to late autumn. The water is very warm due to the Bay of Kotor. The beach is with pebbles and some parts of it are sandy. A lot of motor boats dominate the coast. On the opposite side you can notice the villages with traditional stone houses.

Dobrota Montenegro Boka Kotorska Kotor

If you want to get away from Dobrota, excellent excursions are those to old village of Perast, the Monastery of Lady of Škrpjela and magnificent city of Herceg Novi.

Dobrota Montenegro Boka Kotorska Perast

The holiday which I spent here simply exceeded my expectations. My memories are delighted with the morning sun that breaks through the Montenegrin Mountains, as well as boats and cruise ships which passing slowly through the bay.

Dobrota Montenegro Boat

If you would like to relax in silence, to have walks by the sea or to rest in stone houses with wooden blinds this is the place for you. If you are dreaming about quiet coastal village with docks where you can read a book until sunset, then pack the suitcases and the go to Montenegro Dobrota.

Dobrota Montenegro Stone houses

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