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Hi and welcome 🙂

My name is Nina and I truly believe the happiness lies in living the inspiration.

This blog is intended for those who adore to travel, to explore new destinations and love the adventurous moments.
I want to share with you my experience in order to inspire you to go and see the beauty that is all around.

My great passion besides writing and exploring is taking photos. That is my internal energy which brings awesome vibes to my travels.

The Traveling Blog

I hope you will enjoy in reading about the important things that made impression on me during my voyages. I will do my best to inform you regularly about all interesting places where I haven’t still but I intend to visit.

Greece has a special place in my heart so I will write a lot about this amazing country. I adore its natural beauty and incredible beaches. I am completely in love with their cuisine and unique atmosphere of little villages near the Greek shore.

I will write about books and all little things that fulfill the time between two travels.

It will be great if you leave comments on the website or on my Facebook page. That way you will help people who are searching for fine and attractive places and a good accommodation.

If you like to wander around, to go with a flow, and sail with the wind then we will hang out for sure on this traveling blog.

Are you ready for new journey? Be my companions 🙂

Let’s start…

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