Copenhagen – and its charming atmosphere

Denmark Copenhagen Nyhavn

What are your first thoughts when someone mentions Copenhagen:

  1. Danish fairy tale author Andersen and his Little Mermaid
  2. Tasty beers Tuborg and Carlsberg or
  3. The coastal city of colorful facades where there is no rush and everywhere you can get by bicycle?

All of these and much more reflects the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen.

The city on the Baltic Sea is in many ways unique and follows some of its internal rhythm.
The Danes, which call their city København is located on the island of Zealand and is the largest Danish city. The huge port is very attractive and important due to its location.

Copenhagen is the place where the royal family has its residence. The interesting architecture of the city will captivate every visitor and give a special charm to the canals and the relaxed atmosphere with which Nyhavn breathes.

The best way to explore Copenhagen is by riding a bike

Copenhagen is the best place to explore by bike. As in all major European cities, it’s enough to insert a coin and rent a bicycle. When you have finished your ride just park it and take your coin back. City bike you can park on the place you choose, regardless where you started your journey.

The longest pedestrian street… Strøget

The main walking area is  Strøget where you can enjoy shopping, cafes, the fragrant cakes and famous Danish beers. Strøget is the longest pedestrian shopping street in Europe. It also boasts magnificent buildings of red bricks as well as monuments, fountains and numerous bikers. It starts with the City Square on which Hotel Palace is located.

The great place for relaxing..Nyhavn

However, the most beautiful and most interesting part of the city is Nyhavn. Actually, it is the canal, from where the sightseeing boat tours start while the cheerful houses mingle with each other. On concrete benches along the canal, many locals and tourists spend hours in a relaxed atmosphere. If it is a sunny day, just sitting there, chatting and drinking beer gets a sublime note.

On the ground floor of these colorful houses are clubs, pubs and restaurants. While you are sitting, you will notice the incredible promenade of different kind of people, the followers of various fashion and music trends. Everyone is very polite. They are smiling, chatting and  drinking beer. The great attention goes to beautiful Danish girls. You will not encounter many of them but you will recognize them by natural, sophisticated beauty. With a little makeup, they look perfect.

Don’t miss the Canal Tour

At the very outset of Nyhavn, there is a point where you can buy tickets for several sightseeing options. We have chosen the tour that lasts an hour. We settled in a big open-air boat introducing a blonde hair girl who was our guide on this sailing. All the time she was talking about the sights that we could see around and we took off in the adventure of photographing every unusual building along the canal.

During the ride, we were passing by:

  • The Royal Amalienborg Palace,
  • The modern building of Opera,
  • The Royal Library, the black glass building, so it’s popularly called Black Diamond,
  • The Statue of the Little Mermaid from Andersen’s Fairy Tale, which is the symbol of the city.


Kopenhagen Opera

The unusually interesting building we encountered while driving is the Royal Danish Playhouse with the beautiful garden and restaurant. On the opposite side, there is place Papiroen, where young people gather to cheer themselves by the sea.

Kopenhagen Royal Danish Theatre

Kpehagen Papiroen

Walking Tour

A large number of tourists use the opportunity to visit the hippie community Christiania which dating back to the 1970s. The community is living according to their own rules. Its inhabitants teach their children on their own, have their own shops, bakeries, workshops. In recent years, the government has been trying to reduce the legal consumption of marijuana in Christiania, so the area slowly losing of its authenticity, but not on its popularity.

Kopenahgen Kristiania One of the most interesting place to visit is the State Museum, which contains collections of great arts. I have heard that one day in the week entry to museums is free.

Getting there

We arrived in Copenhagen from Sweden via the Øresund Bridge. The bridge is opened in 2000. It represents a magnificent construction 12 km long and connects the Scandinavian countries with the rest of Europe in a symbolic way. It’s good to know that now you have the budget flights from all around Europe to Copenhagen. From the airport, you can choose which transport to use to get to city center. The fastest way is definitely to take the metro.

Oresund Bridge Kopenhagen

Super expensive but the most friendly city

I have to say that Copenhagen is a very expensive city. If you order a sandwich for 8 euros, do not expect a Big Mac. You’ll get a small piece of roasted meat with bread, little mustard, and ketchup, and that’s it. On the other hand, in the city, you will find awesome restaurants of almost all world cuisines. However, the most expensive and prettiest ones are those near canals.

If I ignore the prices in Copenhagen, what really thrilled me are people who lived there. They are extremely kind and helpful. While we were riding bicycles, we stopped in the middle of a street to find on the city map in which direction we should proceed. The couple came to us unexpectedly and offered help in finding out the spots we wanted to visit.

The hosts, at whose house we stayed, gave us their bicycles, directions and the city map. We have found the room on Airbnb and really can recommend the hosts, Palle and his wife. The offered us the comfortable room for two in happy Indian backyard and the breakfast.

The locals are peaceful and  friendly. It said that the Danish are the happiest population on the planet. They only complained about the climate. They said that during the winter, which lasts for a long time, and strong wind is blowing constantly. That’s why most people from Copenhagen at that time travel to warmer areas of the world.

 Lego city in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city of diversity and a pleasant atmosphere. The city on the water breathes its bohemian life and constantly attracts an increasing number of tourists.

Buildings and houses are mostly of red brick. They often have very small terraces and often they do not have it at all, so they look like a big Lego city. You can see the parked bicycles everywhere and the locals do not care much about locking them.

It is certain that everyone who visits Copenhagen will have a different vision of the city. The specific feeling you will bring from this stunning place. Something authentic just like Copenhagen itself.

If you want to read more about the beauty of Scandinavia, maybe it will be interesting for you to introduce yourself with the Norwegian gate of the fjords,Bergen.

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