Comfortable apartments in the heart of Venice

Venice apartments

This autumn, while the weather is still nice and sunny, maybe it is time to go to Italy.

If you are looking for comfortable apartments in the heart of Venice, let me give you some suggestions.

If you decide to visit the amazing city on water, I can recommend you the villa which is very close to the city center. It is the former residence with mediterranean charm, Corte Nova.
The villa is located on one of Venetian canals. Therefore, some apartments overlook the boats, bridges and the sea while others have street view. The apartments can accommodate 2-6 people.

Venice apartment 1

Corte Nova is actually the Venetian palace that has been restored and redecorated in ten light and spacious suites. If you are looking for comfort, the functional apartments of Corte Nova will provide you with a well-equipped kitchen, a great dinning room and bedroom. The self-catering apartments with traditional furnishings are very clean and offer free Wi-Fi.

Venice Corte Nova

If you need something for food or drink, you have a grocery shop nearby. Moreover, the market with fresh fish, fruits and vegetables are a few streets away.

Venice apartment 2

Room with a view

When you open the window blinds, your view will cross over narrowly colored roofs. Due to the narrow streets, you will be able to feel the scent of flowers from the neighboring balcony.

Venice apartment 3

An additional charm comes from the laundry which is hanging between two buildings as Venetian décor.

Venice apartment 4

How to find the villa in the labyrinth of streets?

It was a bit harder to find the residence because the map I received via was not so precise. After a long trip from Geneva, we wanted to accommodate as soon as possible. However, because of hundreds of similar streets that led us in the circle, we constantly came to the same square in the very heart of Venice.

In the end, somehow with the help of locals, we found a building where a huge apartment on the last floor, awaited for us. First thing that attracted my attention was the view. To look at Venice and birds who were resting on red brick roofs is awesome. An advantage of the apartment is that it has so many lights.

Venice apartment 5

At the reception, you can order a taxi that will drive you through the Venetian canals. I am sure this pleasure costs more than driving in a gondola. The gondola ride goes from 50e upwards, depending on the duration of a ride. During this time, it often happens that the gondolier is singing some serenade, especially if he drives the loving couple.

Venice apartment 6

At the reception desk, friendly staff will give you maps and all useful information about getting directions, and believe me, this means a lot in the labyrinth of Venetian alleyways.

Corte Nova is actually a 7-minute walk from St. Mark’s Square. The way to this attractive square leads through passages full of workshops with handmade jewelry, souvenirs, antiques.
Nevertheless, my attention went to numerous bookstores. A diverse interior can resemble a certain basement and you just will not know what is waiting for you out there. Some of the bookstores reminded me of a bookstore from The Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruis Zafon. The others are, however, super modern and well equipped.

Venice apartment 7

Diversity of prices

The prices for accommodation in Venice are exceptionally high, but we had the luck to find the last minute offer at I have recommended you to do the same. The best prices are literally the day before you go. Be patient, who waits, he wins.

Furthermore, the numbers of tourists have chosen the accommodation in Mestre, a suburb of Venice or on the Adriatic coast, in the popular resort of Lido di Jesolo. On one of the Venetian islands called Giudecca, the prices of hotels and apartments are lower. Yet you are close enough to main spots, so it’s easy to reach the important things in this unique city on the water.

Venice Lido di Jesolo

Near Corte Nova, you have several squares with fountains, the fantastic restaurants, and the small club cafes, where it is mandatory to start the day with cappuccino. Then, you are ready for exploring the Venetian canals, palaces, churches . Do not miss the vaporetto ride and to relax on the docks, near blue water.

Venice apartment 8

If I went to Venice again, I am sure it will be extremely difficult to find the location of this villa. However that’s the beauty of Venice. To get lost, wander, and repeat until you find what you are looking for. Is not it?

For more information on what to see and visit while you are in Venice, read HERE.

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