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  • Denmark – Copenhagen

    Denmark Copenhagen Nyhavn

    What are your first thoughts when someone mentions Copenhagen: Danish fairy tale author Andersen and his Little Mermaid Tasty beers Tuborg and Carlsberg or The coastal city of colorful facades where there is no rush and everywhere you can get by bicycle? All of these and much more reflects the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. The […]

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  • Norway – Bergen

    Norway Bergen Bryggen Norge

    In this travelogue, you will find out: why Bergen is called “The gate of fjords” which composer has celebrated Bergen which part of the city is the most attractive A spring walk through Bergen is something you won’t forget. No one could resist the picturesque town on the west coast of Norway. Bergen is a […]

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  • Parga

    Parga Greece

    If you like an active vacation, a little cooler sea, magnificent beaches and great photos – all this you will find in Parga. Parga – the most picturesque village of the Ionian coast In this blog you will be able to find out: why Parga is the most beautiful village in the Ionian coast what […]

  • Greece
  • Pelion

    Pelion Beaches

    When you head towards Athens, on a half-way you will encounter the beautiful peninsula Pelion . There is just over 800 km from Belgrade to Volos, the important city of this part of Greece. If you are eager for adventure and unexplored then it will be exiting trip for you. Here you will find a […]